Open Source Software!?

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How is the industry being shaped by developers?

How is the industry being shaped by users?



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Brian F

WIth open source software, users have a much larger input into the software. Open Source is much more able to respond to user requests and problems than proprietary software companies. The reason is, if a person would like a particular feature, they can add it themselves (assumes programming skills, of course) OR can request a feature. If even one other person who DOES have programming skills thinks the feature would be useful, that other person can add the feature, release the code back into the main project, and it has a good probability of being incorporated into the main project.

Open source software also has a lot of input from “large companies” such as IBM, SUN, HP etc. These industry leaders hire developers to work on open source projects because it benefits *them* in the long-run. By contributing to the open source projects they are interested in, they get a chance to shape that open source software to a much greater extent. They gain from the contributions of other companies, as well as give back to the community in the form of their employees contributions, and money paid to particular open source projects to incorporate features they want to see.

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